Perdix Drone Swarm – Fighters Release Hive-mind-controlled Weapon UAVs in Air

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Watch US F-18 fighter jets releasing a swarm of Perdix micro-UAV swarm during a Naval Air Systems Command’s demonstration held at China Lake, California. Measured at just six inches, the micro drones are capable of confusing enemy defenses and blocking radar signals. The drones are not pre-programmed synchronized individuals, but a collective organism, sharing one distributed brain for decision-making and adapting to each other like swarms in nature. Consisted of 103 Perdix micro drones, this is the largest-ever test for the cutting-edge swarm technology.

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Brising Conan says:

Ho wtf that sounds like Nazgul !!

Chris Norman says:

that's the sound of future human death when the machines take over…

xenochrist15 says:

Picture yourself, an innocent bystander, waking up to that Penderecki-esque harpie screech from the depths of hell cry swarming outside your windows. It's no wonder Middle Easterners despise us and the very superstitious of them think they are truly waging a war against the legions of Hell…

deniz vapur says:

İf they are real bird size it is difficult to defect by radar.

Celeste says:

Black ops 2 said it before all!!!

Will Patterson says:

Microwave tech will make them drop out of the sky.

Heliosvaleriy says:

Thank you! –

141HURTLOCKER141 says:

Fuck we could have found Osoma dead bin Laden way faster with this hell you don't need weapons on this just the sound of all that would make people run

Pavol Petik says:

…yes definitely better than F-35

RedBravo65 says:

If I were an insurgent in the field, it would scare the hell out of me to see and hear a swarm of these above me.

Legend Cox says:

Would be cool if they had a grenade on top and would be directed to a target then dive bomb.

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