ANIMALS VS DRONES (Drone Crash Compilation)

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– Animals vs drones is a big question, who wins ?
– It’s a reupload
– My Instagram : lama_volant
– My Twitter : lama_volant

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Viktor Wistrand says:


JoeDoe_ Outdoors says:

Hii great channel ☺ Keep it up!

narayanarao amudala says:

Crasy cat aha ah ah

Asus Kybd says:

Uhm…. "Attack of the Drones", you stupid, unimaginative twit?

Origami Ninja says:

lmfao great video

Jocular says:

These animals are smart.

SpaceOrbison says:

you couldn't have picked any more shittier music

adventurevibes de says:

just great! hope I´ll never be a part of your Video 😉

Mark Brand says:

1:09 wow he turned his head in 3 frames

aldehc99 says:

Very slow the people driving the drones

matthew haines says:

Even animals don't like spies. Google do it for free. And idiots think it's ok..

Shafiq Khan says:

there must be me two drones so if one get crash so other can capture

Brandon Flores says:

He got scared by another tiger 1:09

Ishan Bhowmick says:

1:10 aww u beautiful thing..bless you

ten-day says:

just posted a drone video would love some feed back

Andhika Bintara Putra says:

The best clip is at 1:08 the tiger was like "holy shit u scared the shit outta me !" XD

Superbikes Classifieds says:
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Tracy Jackson says:


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