Attack of the Drones! Nerf Battle Ethan and Cole Vs. Rogue Machines

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The drones are alive! Crazy flying drones malfunction during a lightning storm, and attack! It’s up to Ethan and Cole to take them down with their Mega Nerf blasters. The drones swoop and dive around the Sneak Attack Squad, as they use any means necessary to take them down. Even if it mean to use the Super Soaker water blasters.

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Family Nerf Battles

Ethan Vs Cole

Sneak Attack Squad

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Joann Mason says:

How do you get the chain my name is Jayden but I’m just using my moms account

エヴァンゲリオン 第13号機 says:


jesus tinajero says:

you should make some shirts that say sneak attack squad

Edilberto Arandia says:

Some body els in her house controlling the drones

Abraham Mendoza says:

i hate dronessssssssssss

clasercobra price says:

Make more robot video's and monster video's

Justin Lamb says:

I’m at 195 on my channel and I’m trying to get to 200 this week

Romuel David says:

Extreme toys i love your nerf gun can i have 1

jesus tinajero says:

can you make a nerf video with your mom and dad

cargunfan james says:

I do its the best

ThatGuyfromthefuture 101 says:

Extreme toys TV can you so a vloging channel

Aslhand Salazar says:

I love your vido senda me a messeg

Alyssa Oare says:

Hopefully this gets read. My 6 year old is obsessed with you guys, from watching you guys before school and after and every weekend he says he wants to watch Ethan and Coley.. So we decided to surprise him and order a necklace which I told him was from you guys! (Even though we bought it) He received it today and said it was the greatest present and immediately turned on the TV to watch y’all. He’s been wearing it since. Now he is requesting for you guys to give him a shout out! So if possible the next video he would be so happy for you guys to say hello to him! His name is Rylan (pronounced Ry-Lin). Thanks for all the videos you guys do and making my boy smile!!! 🙂

Sanjeev Narayan says:

The best vidoe ever

Lathan the King says:

All right dying give me one of those I did everything you should die

Lindsey Mitchell says:

Collie can we have 2 of those Nerf guns

Lindsey Mitchell says:

Collie can we have 2 of those drones

Lindsey Mitchell says:

Collie can we have 2 of those dog tags

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