Korea Olympic Winter Games 2018 Drones ceremony show

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MissBelindaJade says:


Otto Ho says:

Unglaublich schön!

Angela Merkel says:

mają rozmach skurwisyny

Myon Lee says:

Amazing Dron Show!!!

Pece17 says:

That is spectacular

Jenn S says:

Wow awesome!

Cxz Cxz says:

Beautiful. All the best to all competitors (except steroid russians).

El Cygano says:

This drones are Intel's Shooting Stars

6 teeth says:

1:31 Now there is some drone operator skills.
Wow amazing and scaring too.

qwerty says:

как красиво, потрясающе!

Cecil Henry says:

Very impressive drone skills. Had no idea the technology was that good for so many drones at one time!!

Hate the Olympic politics and virtue signalling. IOC is CORRUPT.

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