High-tech drones steal the show at the Winter Olympics

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The new drones by Intel played a prominent part in the opening ceremonies and will continue to be used in medal ceremonies, but their battery life can be limited by freezing temperatures.

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nauduong168 says:

ridiculous, can't see a thing!!! the video is black screen ?!!!!

Wan Seok Seo says:

Director Song made great jobs! He was an actor in the 80"s. He changed into music and concert director and he made Nanta. I really impressed about his new jobs!!

Mike McGlock says:

Take that, North Korea

gernith says:

Did they register all those drones with the FAA?  (US events only)

Chris123zxy says:

Terrible quality video. Just show the damn drones

ro ti says:

south korea's KT's 5G did that! 1214 drones .

Badgers Dark World says:

So cool. I love tech

sam k says:

this video sucks ass, I hate you

Scott Engram says:

"less than two pilots" soooo uh one?

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