Intel | The Tech Behind a Record-breaking Drone Show at PyeongChang 2018

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Watch a world record being broken in the harshest winter conditions. See how our engineers designed, created, and programmed more than 1,200 drones to soar above PyeongChang for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games.

Learn more about drones at The Olympic Games at

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Marcus Ryan Thompson says:

Intel using clickbait titles for their marketing makes them boring and unoriginal. Never explained the tech?? Just a misty eyed boring soft ad for intel.

CitiAlliance says:

According to, These drones are all CG.
Southkorea is FAKE country.

Alejandro Jr Jovellar says:

Meanwhile in Canada, a Plumber is paid more than an Engineer


Pretty amazing! Congratulations! I love it!

wisval says:

без рекламы себя любимых ну никак….. ((((
тут люди давно в космос летают, а они ПО для контроля дронов нахваливают и себя вместе с ним…. (((((

baseballman74 says:

Pretty awesome ~

js park says:

크가놈 멜트다운 버리고 드론 몰빵 가즈아

Dmitriy Vvv says:

South Korea figured out the olympiad in the question of dog farms, which are covered by corrupt government? cruel treatment of animals? Or not?

Кабардино-Балкария says:

Incredible technologies in motion. Thank you Intel for the show

Man M says:

You guys are amazing! ..

WeTheTech says:

Are all those CPUs patched for meltdown and spectre?

John Yi says:

정말 멋졌어요~ 🙂 You guys did well done~!!

Man Oizm says:

바로 올라오네… 노 저어라 물들어 온다.. 비지니스는 찬스다.

Sendumbox TV says:

인텔짱! 어제 성공적으로 하셨네요?!

вадим а. says:

от с300 не убегут)

기동병기야쿠르트 says:

우와 개쩐다아아 인텔 주가 오르는소리 들린다!

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