Massive TECH haul unboxing and lots oF DRONES!!

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Lots of Amazon packages arrived at MarzBars Office and I played with my Inspire One drone

Products featured in this video:
• The Camera:
• Microphone:
• Bendy Tripod:
• My Bag:

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Music in this video
• Outro song: Speo – Remiscent

Thanks for watching and see you again tomorrow for another Daily Vlog @ 6pm UK time!

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Marius Fridman says:

Great video Alex!

josh curtis says:

Hi Alex bro just wondering what make the Bluetooth speaker is it looks sick wouldn’t mind getting one

Daniel Carrillo says:

Love the drone shots

Rupiah Mohd says:

Your videois i like

franklin timario says:

Hello Alex!!!! Nice video broo

AAW Gaming says:

Alex i know you've seen these before but you are the only youtuber that pushes the boundaries as far as you can and think outside the box well done mate, sky is the limit 😀

pagey1337 says:

What's the 600w speaker called

Greg Joblove says:

I love that song 7:35

Rene Van Rooijen says:

i fly a racedrone and thats real flying. i like the inspire but its to slow for my flystyle. #freestyledrones

Sam Humphreys says:

Investing in a Gaming PC, but got a tight budget, birthday on the 25th March, any advice or maybe donations?

MAVERICK 42 says:

In basic terms a UPS = In principle Back up generator (Power)

Lewis Morrey says:

Alex did u notice the f on the title is capitalised like so he can notice

Tom Trick Aerial Photograpy says:

logan pauls music 😮

Fildon_Prime Gaming says:

whats the name of the song at 7:33 ?
Someone please let me know 😀

Will Lorimer says:

i think thats bad advice for drone flying

Steve Shahwan says:

Do an unboxing fan mail vlog

PanzerPoacher on Blitz says:

Alex next time you go see your girlfriend you should o a Truth or Dare

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