Iran Mass Producing Weaponized Drones, 2048

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Good evening, I’m still reporting on: Iran Mass Producing Weaponized Drones, 2048

Synopsis: Yesterday news broke that Israel had shot down its first Iranian drone after violating Israeli air space. There has been no report as to what weapons it was carrying, if any, but that news comes just days after the Iranians announced in no less than the Tehran Times that Iran is now mass producing smart, precision-striking drones.
According to Iranian Defense Minister, Amir Hatami, these drones are equipped with:
“… precision-striking bombs and different electro-optical explorers and different warheads [which] can trace, intercept and destroy … different fixed and mobile targets in day and night, missions.”
Minister Hatami is pictured with a group of four relatively large, shiny drones.
Yesterday’s mission was probably just to probe the speed and effectiveness of the Israeli response against a single drone. However, drone technology is moving rapidly towards much smaller devices that can attack with smaller-yield weapons, but with pinpoint precision, and in swarms.
It’s hard to see an effective counter to this other than rapid-targeting, high-energy lasers, and neither Israel, nor the U.S. is at the stage of producing this type of weaponry in sufficient quantity and effectiveness to prevent a well-planned, coordinated attack.
Hopefully this initial probing by the Iranians will stimulate stepped-up R&D projects to protect against the following scenario.
Let’s say that a seemingly innocuous pleasure craft is outfitted with a hundred of these small drones, each carrying facial recognition software that targets the President and an explosive charge equal to one grenade.

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Alisha Ard says:

Thank you Bill for catching this story but it (the story line you are responding to) really distorts facts.
And just so you know, I am another Grateful Trumper speaking the TRUTH, so don't shoot the messenger!
A year ago, Trump's DOD announcement that they were re-upping the COVERT WARFARE Phoenix Program, triggered a worldwide arms race in the weapons industry segment known as unconventional warfare weapons, which includes drones, energy weapons, biological & chemical warfare and unknown dark technologies we struggle to grasp after the injury occurs. The dark military's premiere dark technologies being rapidly rolled out involve various PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPONS. See "The Phoenix Program Reloaded 2017" if you can still access on youtube. The point here is the 2017 PSYCHOTRONIC WEAPON version of the Phoenix Program, which targets and destroys domestic populations from within, goes waay beyond the cultural and psychological destabilization of the Vietnam War applications of Phoenix. The new class of drones and handhelds that are capable of deploying multiple "payloads" include nerve agents, cognitively and physically disabling zaps, blinding and disorienting light (I am currently working intensely to reverse ocular melanoma using primarily plant medicines– a whole other story being suppressed by the mostly CIA-controlled FEAR MONGER YouTube sites). These frequencies which are deployed via large towers or small handhelds or drones, also cause acoustic injury which I believe is behind what I think is my head neck cancer symptoms…..drones and small or large stationary towers also deliver llness-producing pathogens and/or chemicals….this has happened to my face by a and also a handheld weapon, has PERSONALLY HAPPENED TO ME during the 2015-2017 time frame while living in a small I-5 Washington State DEW "Testing" town I left last year…."testing" is the sadistic euphemism used to cover the roll out of these many companies from around the world, MANY OF WHICH ARE FUNDED BY US, who are trying to get contracts. These "testing" locations are all over U.S. and this covert warfare weapons industry arms race comprises much of the so-called economic boom Trump needed to stay alive. In this way, Homeland Security, under other names, is our biggest employer here in WA State and I claim is coming to your State. The economic development aspect is not understood and every parent, grandparent, aunt and uncle needs to pay attention. The "lists" people keep talking about provide are the jib orders….it s so easy become a target "test" victim (I think I am on 3 lists: by way of my Citizen Investigation into Trafficking, by my Alternative Medicine Instruction /anti-Big PHARMA Reporting, and by my directly naming LOCAL CONNECTIONS TO THE GOVERNMENT RUN CRIME SYNDICATES). This
"Develop your own community based teams" business model uses MLM sounding language and of course outsourcing is always a great way to shield medical injury culpability, avoid human moral complicity, and bypass legal ramifications. Please interview Dr. Katherine Horton physicist TI before she is driven completely crazy….this is the reason for my writing today: the big dot connections are not being made with all this….please try to connect the dots to Elana Freeland and Deborah Tavares. DEW, delivered through a variety of unmanned weapons and Citizen Surveillance Geeks, appears to be the Final Solution to us outlier dissidents still alive to tell our tale. I have witnessed the fall of denominational churches in America who accepted Homeland Security money disguised as their 501C3 status with strings attached. When Satan knocks and you open the door, this automatically means obligation to ongoing "training" and "reporting" responsibilities and I know for a fact my surveillance stalkers were directly triggered by churches I attended where I opened up and shared my findings about the out of control local infestation of pedophilia and sex trafficking connected to the international trafficking cartel. These community based gangstalking surveillance and weapons testing teams access multiple 501C3's inc churches, neighborhood watch, clubs and businesses to hire UNEMPLOYED AMERICANS WHO UNKNOWINGLY INJURE THEIR NEIGHBORS, in my case, a 71 year old Patriot Grandmother. And a billboard here last year advertised Homeland Security degree with predatory school loans attached. I work fulltime investigating and reporting and it took me almost 2 years of drones and DEW targeting with the increasingly miniaturized handheld devices we see advertised, which are capable of deploying a multitude of increasingly powerful lethal precision directed energies. You see, this DOD announcement of re-upping Phoenix included an invitation to compete in the R&D of the fastest growing weapons industry segment: unconventional weapons to include drones and miniaturized handheld Directed Energy Weapons. This is the genesis of the worldwide arms race to get a piece of the legendary unlimited U.S. WEAPONS BUDGET. I agree with the several Commenters below that it inconceivable anyone else is behind the Iran drone story. We can be sure there there is a proxy country or company assigned to take the blame (ala Fusion CPS which was built on CIA resources) and will be out front, but EVERYBODY KNOWS the OUT OF CONTROL U.S. MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX WAR MACHINE is the driving force of America's economy.

they can't kill us all says:

didn't russia just fend off a multiple drone attack?

Angelo Jamaica says:

Must be all of those billions that Obama send over to Iran for funding that Kerry delivered,

St. Longinus says:

You mean an Israeli drone targeting the President, don't you Bill?

sandresstudios says:

Lets hope that none of the libtards watch your channel and never adopt any of the ideas you just voiced. What the hell is wrong with you, they don't need any ideas.

Greim Davy says:

US and Israel. You better get your finger out and build these things including an effective defense against such an attack.

stephanie says:

Lots of racist Jew haters commenting.

Dennis Vance says:

Obama gave them the money for this. “Thanks, Obama.”

RockawayCCW says:

You forgot to mention the supposed "Israeli airspace" is the Golan Heights which belongs to Syria but is currently occupied by Israel.

don mchattie says:

Attacking USA is dangerous strategy, because USA likely would attack back.

Gus Armstrong says:

With Israel/AIPAC pushing the US to wage war against Iran for the last 25 years it's not reasonable to expect Iran to allow itself to be controlled into oblivion for the benefit of Israel.

Dennis Spencer says:

Sounds like Israel is singing its favorite hymn again; "Onward Christian Soldiers."

totallyjonesin says:

Didn't know you had this many uninformed followers Bill. Defenders of Iran here have apparently never heard of Hezbollah.

Knickerthief says:

So is America.

Barry White says:


Inter Vest Com says:

Very accurate report Bill, thank you. as a military technologist I can tell you that things are worse much worse than you even stated.

Walter Baltzley says:

I should not say anything, but we have several classified technologies that can take down drone swarms.

Nautinius Velenforth says:

Treason since JFK coup.
Abolish the federal reserve.
All wars in the middle east = greater israel plan

“We’re going to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran” –
General Wesley Clark. Retired 4-star U.S. Army general, Supreme Allied Commander of NATO during the 1999 War on Yugoslavia

Mustang .308 says:

The anti drone defense measures are electronic lock in, by multiple laser targeting. Shooting down hundreds of drones within seconds of notice, and all within 7 seconds….

Stewart Carper says:

We Americans should be ashamed that we allowed the Clinton and Obamy clan to pay our known enemies massive amounts of CASH to build weapons to use against us ! NEVER AGAIN !
TRUMP 2020

Rocco Simone says:

Thanks, Bill.

First Last says:

Obama and John Kerry made sure that Iran got the money to mass produce weapons to attack us. Go dems go … go to hell , don’t pass go and don’t collect your publicity funded pensions!

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